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At All Saints Catholic, we’re growing a generation with courage and compassion. That means our students are ambitious and conscientious; great speakers and careful listeners; engaged in the classroom and in their communities. Well-rounded students become successful adults.

All Saints Family

Thriving P3 Through 12

When your child enrolls in All Saints Catholic, you join a family that is both supportive and collaborative. Our caring leaders and community members are committed to making our classrooms, hallways, and athletic fields safe and welcoming places for students to thrive. “It’s a Cougar Family Thing.” 

Graduation Rate
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Service Hours for High School
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of students involved in athletics and extracurriculars
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Scholarships Awarded on Average
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Real-world Preparation

Faith is our springboard for a greater depth of learning. With small classes and one-on-one attention, we prepare students to successfully enter the future job market or higher education. Our commitment to a Christ-centered and excellent educational experience fosters Vocations, prepares young people for college/university and the workforce and provides the foundation for strong families.  

Pre-K - 5
We bring energy, enthusiasm, and faith-focused guidance to classrooms of our youngest learners.
Middle School
We help students navigate the social, academic and faith-based questions that accompany this stage of life.
High School
We prepare students for life outside of the classroom, whether that’s higher education, career, or service.

Our Faith

Opportunities to encounter Christ

Catholic values and a prayerful relationship with Christ lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of Truth in and out of the classroom. We help students develop courage, respect, and responsibility as they learn how to face challenges with charity.

Student Life

Passion and Purpose

The student experience is about more than academic performance; we encourage an exploration of their role in the larger community, the merits of competition in sports, passion and creativity through athletics, clubs, and the arts.

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