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At All Saints Catholic, we’re focused on growing a generation of students with courage and compassion. We do this by remaining accessible to all. If you seek an All Saints education for your child, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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Invest in your child’s future

Your monthly investment in your child’s first-rate education helps them acquire lifelong values and build a solid resume for the future. An All Saints Education provides your child with a strong faith formation and the fortitude and curiosity necessary for pursuing and strengthening their faith into adulthood. All Saints’ staff pair this faith focus with exceptional academics, ensuring your child is prepared for college and career.


Assistance for All

No matter their church affiliation, every All Saints family receives a minimum of $4,909 in tuition assistance.

There are a variety of tuition reduction options, including scholarships, volunteer hours, and the SCRIP program. There are also possibilities of additional assistance thanks to generous donors in the community. Though the cost to educate children in our Catholic schools is more than $11,306 per child, tuition does not exceed $6,397 per child for any family.

Our entire community comes together to support the academic, physical, mental and spiritual growth of each member, making tuition surprisingly affordable for most families.


Making an All Saints Education Possible

We strive to maintain high-quality programming while keeping a Catholic School education affordable for everyone. Tuition at All Saints is based on a sliding scale that considers household income and the number of children enrolled in our schools. 

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New All Saints Families

For new families and returning students coming from another school, registration is accepted year round based on grade availability. Please select below to request an account to fill out your registration application.

Current All Saints Families

Registration for new siblings and existing students is located using the Skyward Family Access, enter login page below.