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All Saints Family

Family is at the core of everything we do at All Saints. From encouraging parents, grandparents, and friends to attending regular in-school prayer meetings to partnering with parents in their child’s spiritual development, family involvement is pivotal to our culture and success as a school.

Family, Heart, and Home

Encouraging the whole student

At ASC, our family culture means caring, consistent, and communicative staff focused on growing a generation of students with courageous and compassionate hearts. Character development extends far beyond the classroom to the parishes and after-school activities. Here, parents have endless opportunities to get involved, by volunteering their time and expertise to athletics, clubs, fundraising, special events, board service, and more. Students are able to explore their apostolic (service-oriented) formation by initiating their own volunteer experiences, as well as those provided through school. 

Where We Started

A Brief History

All Saints Catholic Schools is a faith-based school system located in Bay City, Michigan. The High School, originally called “All Saints Central”, was founded in 1968 by a group of parents, educators and religious Sisters from three religious orders, including Dominicans, Felicians, and Sisters of Charity, seeking to build a community-based learning environment that supported the whole student. This initiative was aided by a study conducted by The University of Michigan’s Bureau of School Services, as well as voting in the parishes of the merging schools in 1967. All Saints was formed with the consolidation of Saint James, Saint Stanislaus, and Saint Joseph’s High Schools (and eventually others including St. John’s of Essexville and West Catholic Central). The incoming senior class of the merging schools voted in the spring of 1968 on the school name, mascot, and school colors, resulting in “All Saints” and the new Cougar family. The ASC campus has grown to now house two buildings supporting Pre K – 12 learners: P3 through grade 5 at the Elementary School and grades 6 through 12 at the Middle and High School. 

A Community of Faith

Discover Faith at All Saints Catholic

At All Saint Catholic, faith underscores everything we do. We are informed by the Bible, and guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Above all, we believe in fostering real-world Catholic values that set students up for successful relationships, work, life, and community involvement.

Student Life

Spaces to Thrive

At All Saints Catholic, we empower our students to express their true selves in a safe, Christ-centered environment. By providing prayerful emotional support, love, and encouragement, our staff and leaders prioritize each student’s passions and interests.

Alumni Success Story

Scott Davidson

Class of 1968

Before All Saints Catholic Schools as we know it today came to be in fall of 1968, the ASC campus housed St. James Catholic High School. Despite the different names, Scott Davidson, St. James class of 1968, feels a close connection to All Saints. This honorary Cougar identifies the memorable, solid foundation that Catholic education provided him as integral to his future faith and success. Scott, who now resides…