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Our Alumni

At All Saints Catholic, we’re raising the bar for stellar, faith-based education that prepares students for life outside the classroom. Personalized strategies cater to all types of learning styles, small class sizes enable focus and teacher-student relationship building, and a diverse and evolving set of extracurricular activities lay the foundation for excited and inquisitive individuals. All of this is rooted in a solid community foundation that supports the mind, body, and soul.

Alumni Success Story

Scott Davidson

Class of 1968

Before All Saints Catholic Schools as we know it today came to be in fall of 1968, the ASC campus housed St. James Catholic High School. Despite the different names, Scott Davidson, St. James class of 1968, feels a close connection to All Saints. This honorary Cougar identifies the memorable, solid foundation that Catholic education provided him as integral to his future faith and success. Scott, who now resides…