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Personalized Education Rooted in Faith

We keep our class sizes small and our lesson plans personalized, meaning your child receives focused attention from highly educated, dedicated faculty. You’ll find faith at the core of a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for college and careers, and supported by standardized test prep, co-op experiences, and career-centered training.

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P3 - 5 Academics

Guiding Our Youngest Learners

At our elementary school, faculty teach students their very first academic lessons, while also fostering social and spiritual growth. This is a foundational time of discovery and identity formation.

6 - 8 Academics

Shaping Curious Minds

During middle school, staff guide students in becoming avid learners while deepening their understanding of a large range of subjects. This is a time of relationship-building, exploration, and building life skills such as organization, perseverance, developing a prayer life, dealing with change, and overcoming social challenges.

9 - 12 Academics

Preparation With a Solid Foundation

At our high school, maturing students discover their passions, as faculty offer opportunities to develop and practice critical thinking skills for use in higher education or careers. This is a time of practice and preparation. Students deepen their relationship with Christ by making the faith their own.

Alumni Success Story

Scott Davidson

Class of 1968

Before All Saints Catholic Schools as we know it today came to be in fall of 1968, the ASC campus housed St. James Catholic High School. Despite the different names, Scott Davidson, St. James class of 1968, feels a close connection to All Saints. This honorary Cougar identifies the memorable, solid foundation that Catholic education provided him as integral to his future faith and success. Scott, who now resides…