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Student Life

At All Saints Catholic, we foster a well-rounded experience that encourages each student to explore their passions. Our staff support your child in their personal development as they grow in their confidence and faith.


Field to Stadium, Court to Track, Leaders Emerge

Competition builds character, and at All Saints, athletics are open to students at all ages. The ASC coaching staff not only emphasize the rules of the sport, but also impress the importance of developing personal values and goals while maintaining Christian ideals.

Our students are encouraged to try new sports. Students who might not “make the team” at other schools go on to excel in multiple sports at All Saints, while also participating in extracurriculars like theater and music. This results in well-rounded individuals with leadership skills.

With more district championships than any other school in Bay County, we continue to guide future leaders in our strong athletic program. We consistently have had above 80% sports participation among all our students.


Creative Expression

Creative expression provides unique outlets for students to enhance their educational experience through visual arts, performance, and music. The arts are offered for students of all ages.


Room to Explore

80% of our students choose to participate in clubs and other extracurricular experiences. From theater to service to robotics, student organizations encourage your child to explore new interests while developing lifelong skills and confidence. 

Elementary Clubs

Lego Robotics (grades 4-5)
Lego Club (grades K-5)
Chess Club (grades 3-5)
Girls on the Run (grades 3-5)
Girl Scouts (grades K-5)
Soccer (grades 2 -5)
Basketball (grades 3-5)
Volleyball (grades 3-5)

Middle School Clubs

Student Council
Pro-life Club

High School Clubs

National Honor Society (NHS)
Student Council
Pro-life Club
Yellow Ribbon Society
Equestrian Club

Service and Outreach

Building a Foundation of Kindness

As an All Saints family, service to the community is an integral part of our identity. Through their service, students learn the gift of giving and the importance of community building. By high school, All Saints students average well over 100 hours of service. Parents, grandparents and community members also volunteer to serve on committees, work at fundraisers, help in the classroom and support the school staff in their efforts. This generous outpouring of support helps not only in guiding decisions and controlling costs, but also supports the development of a strong Christian community.